Hearthstone Celebrates 70 Million Players by Giving Free Card Packs

Blizzard: 'Hearthstone' Now Has 70M Players

Hearthstone has justed reached a milestone of 70 million registered players. Hearthstone was released in 2014 and it took Blizzard nearly three years to reach this goal.

In celebration of the feat, Blizzard gave away free packs of the game's latest expansion, the dinosaur-themed Journey to Un'Goro, to all Hearthstone players. To claim your three free packs, all you have to do is log into the Hearthstone client. Blizzard marked the occasion in a new post on its blog alongside a special treat for players.

"We look forward to sharing many more years of Hearthstone with you".

Journey to Un'Goro is Hearthstone's fifth expansion pack and has been available since April 6 in NA and April 7 in the EU. "Hold on to your mug, and let's find out where the journey will take us, together!" The newest addition to the hit Blizzard title added a number of new features and cards for CCG enthusiasts to master and collect.

Deceptively simple in design but epically engaging, Hearthstone will be instantly accessible to players regardless of their familiarity with Warcraft or collectible card games. Blizzard has not released actual active player numbers but it's still going to be large.



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