General Election: Nicola Sturgeon faces HUGE seat losses to

Candidates drawing straws to decide council seat is proof every vote matters

Asking voters to strengthen her hand in the Brexit negotiations, she urged the electorate: "Give me the mandate to lead Britain, give me the mandate to speak for Britain, give me the mandate to fight for Britain and give me the mandate to deliver for Britain".

She added: "If Scotland wants to make sure the Tories can not simply do what they want in Scotland, if we want to make sure there are voices of strong opposition to the Conservatives in Westminster, then the only way to deliver that is with a strong, resounding vote for the SNP in every part of Scotland on June 8".

Meanwhile, candidates in all 650 parliamentary constituencies will be invited to sign the Armstrong's pledge prior to the election on June 8.

The Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson told Iain that the Scottish First Minister is trying to use Scotland's Remain vote as a proxy for independence.

Russell said he had "repeatedly expressed disappointment that the substance of (joint) meetings has not enabled proper discussion or engagement on the strategic choices we face".

Ms May told Ms Davidson in a video, filmed privately behind a fence, "It's great to be in Scotland because as we look ahead to this general election, really, it is, I think, the most important general election the United Kingdom has faced in my lifetime".

The most recent SNP gripe with the Conservatives has been the party's use of the fishing industry's demise, one reason people voted to leave the European Union, as a "bargaining chip" in Brexit negotiations.

However his dismissal of Mr Corbyn in the midst of a general election campaign, when parties traditionally rally together, was an unexpected gift to Labour's opponents.

Mr Corbyn will add: "Over 2.4 million young people are missing from the UK's electoral register".

The Labour leader is expected to say: "The Conservatives are more than happy with this state of affairs".

"As a result of the sharp reduction in the number of candidates it is fielding, the party can only retain control of Glasgow, West Dunbarton and Renfrew if every single one of the party's candidates there secures election".

The Tories are polling well in Wales and the prime minister, by visiting previously safe Labour seats, is planting her tanks firmly on Jeremy Corbyn's lawn.

Davidson said she would be willing to go "toe to toe" on their respective party's records on fishing.

In the rural village of Crathes, Aberdeenshire, where TV channels were unable to broadcast live and several journalists complained of a lack of mobile signal, Mrs May reiterated her call for voters to back her to strengthen her hand in Brexit negotiations.

Mrs May accused Labour, the Lib Dems and Nicola Sturgeon's SNP of trying to stop the path toward Brexit.



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