General Election 2017: May warns ministers against complacency

Party sources acknowledged Labour's dire poll rating but insisted Jeremy Corbyn's message would get through to voters after 18 months of turbulent leadership once it was delivered on the campaign trail.

Britain's opposition Labour Party said Tuesday that it will tear up the government's negotiating plan for Brexit and guarantee all European Union citizens in the United Kingdom the right to stay if it wins the June 8 national election.

The BMG poll did have good news for the Prime Minister with 53 per cent of people supporting her call for an early election, while 23 per cent opposed it and 24 per cent did not know.

Writing Tuesday in one of the leading newspapers in Wales, the Western Mail, May she said the election was an opportunity to give Britain "the strong and stable leadership it needs to see us through Brexit and beyond".

Those seats are now considered relatively safe and the party has shifted its sights to constituencies where Labour MPs only secured narrow victories last time and those where large numbers of people voted Ukip in 2015 and could switch this time around.

But Labour leader Corbyn went on the offensive over the government's record on austerity and public services, saying May's Conservatives "only look after the richest". "Day one, big commitment".

"After all, we provide the rails, we provide the trains and they make the profits from running them", he said.

On immigration, the party said the Labour government would guarantee the legal status of the three million European Union nationals living in the United Kingdom to correct what it says is a "shameful injustice".

The Prime Minister made a decision to hold a surprise early election last week.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said this week: "We now how tough this election is going to be, yes we are miles behind in the polls, but who believes the polls anymore? We have a very different vision".

To the right of the party, I say stop trying to undermine the leadership that you are supposed to be asking the electorate to vote for in six weeks time.

It was backed by Andrew Fisher, Jeremy Corbyn's policy chief, who has now been picked to write Labour's election manifesto, to be published on 15 May.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May walks out of 10 Downing Street to welcome Head of the European Commission, President Jean-Claude Juncker to Downing Street in London, Britain April 26, 2017. "That if you vote for me to strengthen my hand at the negotiating table in Brussels, I will do everything I can to represent the interests of every person in this great city and every person in our great country".



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