Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posts video of Harvard acceptance in 2002

Cambridge Massachusetts. Zuckerberg visited Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard to recruit students for jobs and internships with the

On Thursday, Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg shared the video in which his father captured the moment when Mark got to know that he had made it to Harvard 15 years ago.

Ahead of his commencement speech at his alma mater on 25 May, the billionaire posted a home video of the moment he clicked open his acceptance email, filmed by his dad. Zuckerberg clicks on the mail from Harvard and lets out an unenthusiastic "Yay", before he says to his dad, "I got accepted".

Earlier in March, Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, also a drop-out from Harvard, got together for a promotional video for the college. Almost 15 years after that, he will get his honorary degree at commencement next Thursday.

"Are you serious?" his father Edward Zuckerberg asks.

Edward is radiating with pride at his son's accomplishment. Meanwhile, the pings of AOL Instant Messenger go off in the background as Mark presumably gives his friends the good news.

Zuckerberg enrolled at Harvard in 2002 as a member of the class of 2006, but dropped out in 2004 to move to Silicon Valley to found Facebook.

Zuckerberg, who left Harvard his sophomore year, will be receiving an honorary Doctor of Letters degree.



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