Clinton aide tweets joke video of her avoiding hug during debate prep

Comey's efforts failed when Trump finally noticed him and pulled him in for an uncomfortable embrace.

Philippe Reines, a Clinton adviser who stood in for Trump during the candidate's debate prep previous year, posted a video on Twitter of the former secretary of state reaching for a handshake during one September prep session, while Reines, as Trump, opens his arms for an embrace.

Reines, a Democratic operative who worked on Clinton's 2008 campaign and served as a senior advisor to her at the State Department, was seen as a ideal fit to portray Trump in Clinton's debate prep.

And as the video from the prep session shows, Clinton was having none of it. But instead of going for a handshake, the man portraying Trump opens his arms wide, inviting a hug.

Reines' tweet appears to be a response to the Times' Comey story.

It's one of Trump's well-known maneuvers, seemingly meant to turn a handshake into a judo-inspired show of dominance.

The narrative during the debates was that Clinton was the master preparer, endlessly doing mock debates and studying such that she might better school him on national television-and it worked!

This is just more baseless finger pointing at Clinton and Obama by Trump, perhaps in order to again divert some media attention.

Clinton resisted the hug with a swift maneuver, shaking pseudo-Trump's right hand and waving her fist before playfully taking off. Trump's stand-in proceeded to chase Clinton, making attempts at hugs and kisses while her aides can be heard laughing in the background.

Just two days after Trump entered office, he gave Comey a special shout out during a ceremony at the White House to honor law enforcement officials who provided security at his inauguration. His goal was not a "Saturday Night Live"-style caricature of Trump, so he didn't try to replicate Trump's famous mane".

A 2016 debate-prep video has surfaced showing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton jokingly practicing how to avoid hugs from then-Republican nominee Donald Trump.



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