British Columbia's LNG Dreams May Be Over

The party is locked in a statistical dead heat with the NDP, according to the latest Mainstreet poll, although the polling group forecasts a Liberal majority.

"We have been presented with an opportunity by British Columbians to open a whole new dialogue in our province, in our Legislature", Clark said.

"And so tonight is the beginning of something very different".

"I suspect other parties would be crawling over themselves to actually offer us official party status in light of where we stand today".

Premier Christy Clark remains premier, and she'll get the first shot at forming a new government when she visits Lieutenant-Governor Judith Guichon.

"I think British Columbians heard the message about how important it is that we fight for jobs, especially in the face of rising USA protectionism in the United States and that we keep taxes low, stay competitive, leave more money in people's pockets and that we keep up the good work that we've been doing for four years", she said.

"I think they want us to find ways to do things differently", Clark told reporters.

Weaver confirmed that he had met with NDP leader John Horgan, and that the two leaders agreed on many issues, including education and income disparity. "If they want a government that works for them, I'm encouraging them to vote for us".

"In Courtenay-Comox, the greens made big gains and the NDP Lost, and yet the NDP winds up there in a virtual tie with the Liberals who really collapsed in that riding", Cameron says.

"We won the popular vote", Clark said later, smiling wearily as her supporters chanted and applauded.

Weaver, now holding the balance of power, also hinted at how his party would handle votes in the legislature, saying the Greens would take an issue-by-issue approach, with all decisions on an "evidence based" and "principled" position.

"So it is my intention to continue to lead British Columbia's government".

Weaver was the first Green elected to B.C.'s legislature four years ago when he surprisingly defeated former Liberal cabinet minister Ida Chong in Oak Bay-Gordon Head.

The results of the Student Vote show the BC NDP counting 60 seats, the BC Green Party counting 14 and the BC Liberal Party counting 12. The NDP had only a 0.48 per cent increase in popular votes over 2013.

Elections BC says absentee ballots won't be counted until May 22, and there may be recounts in some close ridings.

The results from Student Vote 2017 are in and students have voted in a majority BC NDP government.

Local students elected NDP incumbent Katrine Conroy with 46.59 per cent of the vote, while Sam Tory, BC Green Party candidate received 32.16 per cent of the vote, and Jim Postnikoff, BC Liberal Party candidate, received 21.25 per cent of the vote. It takes 45 seats to have a clear majority, as the governing party selects one of its members as the Speaker, who only votes to break ties. When the election was called, the Liberals had 47 seats, the New Democrats 35, and there were three Independents, including Weaver.

A Liberal campaign focused on economic growth, job creation and balanced budgets did not inspire middle-class voters in the Lower Mainland whose incomes have not kept pace with the rising cost of living, where homeownership is becoming a distant dream and rental properties are few and far between.



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