Apple CEO Tim Cook spotted testing glucose monitor for Watch Series

Apple CEO Tim Cook spotted testing glucose monitor for Watch Series

The Apple chief executive has been spotted on Apple's campus wearing a prototype of a device that track your glucose levels, CNBC is reporting, citing people who claim to have seen Cook wearing the unannounced product around the company's headquarters.

Apple's plans in the space could be quite far along. The device is attached to the Apple Watch and is created to be worn by people who have diabetes, the report says.

Based on the wording of the latest report, we can nearly be certain the glucose tracker won't be baked directly into the Apple Watch whenever it materializes, and also safely assume it's not part of an interchangeable band setup either. According to a recent CNBC report, Cook is reportedly testing the rumoured accessory to monitor how the blood sugar levels could be controlled by various factors like food and exercise. And, since this sensing device is being paired with the Apple Watch, you'll have access to your reading and other necessary data right on your wrist. The device also adds substance to previous rumors about Apple hiring a team of biomedical engineers to work on a noninvasive device that can monitor blood sugar levels of diabetic patients.

Cook was earlier spotted wearing a similar device during his recent visit to the University of Glasgow, wherein he had explained to the students why he was wearing the medical device connected to his Apple Watch. But developing an accurate and noninvasive technique has proven challenging.

Technology companies, including Apple, have said that they're exploring ways to help those with diabetes.

For Apple, the value is clear. Apple is said to be working on a wearable device which constantly records blood sugar levels, but in a non-invasive way.

Still, there was no word from CNBC's sources on whether Apple might release a glucose tracker and when that could happen.



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