Will Browns trade up over Bills to get Mitch Trubisky?

2017 NFL draft Top 4 local wide receiver prospects for Panthers

That should come as no surprise, considering general manager Mike Maccagnan has shouted from the rooftops that he'd like to move back to accumulate extra picks.

Following his one season in Atlanta, Yates went back to Houston and tore his ACL, making him miss most of the season. Strike out and, barring a lot of unlikely stars being found later in the draft, your tenure is likely to be brief and turbulent. He could play immediately opposite Olsen and be a future replacement for the three-time Pro Bowl selection. For our purposes, let's take a look at who Gurzi put with the Chicago Bears.

Mike Maccagnan only has a two year track record as an National Football League general manager, far too brief a time to firmly establish any tendencies. The Texans are expected to draft a quarterback especially after the decision by Tony Romo to retire. Based on Elliott's 98.2% guarantee, that means the 4th overall pick will likely be guaranteed around $26,543,984.

Here is a chart identifying the football position of every premium draft pick in which Maccagnan ever had input in his NFL career. Jones was the Chiefs' best interior defensive lineman last season with two sacks and 10 quarterback hurries.

"(Bill) Belichick has changed the way teams approach the tight end position, " Mayock said.

The Bears and Jets taking quarterbacks would be particularly great news for Philadelphia, since they're strong contenders to select Marshon Lattimore, the Ohio State corner who should be the absolute top target in this draft for the Eagles. He would be a nice addition to the Bears' wide receiver mix. The fourth pick of the second round out of Arkansas, Henry finished his rookie season with eight touchdowns, which was tied for the most by a tight end, and second among all rookies.

"He has rocketed up because people look at him and say safe pick, high value, " Kiper said.

He easily could get 25-35 touches a game, more than you can envision Fournette getting unless Stewart is injured. The last two picks, including Tabor, will help rejuvenate a secondary that has not been able to rely on highly paid cornerback Joe Haden for several years now. Those positions should look familiar; they are some of the positions numerous premium players of the 2017 occupy. "Disappointed, yeah. I got disappointed I didn't get the opportunities I thought I should have gotten, but never got frustrated because I was a team player". They have, however, had five out of fifteen years without a second round pick, adding fuel to the theory that the most likely area the Jets will trade down from is the second round of the 2017 draft. With no standout quarterback seen, it made no sense to pass up a big-time player like Garrett with the first-overall pick. There are a record-breaking number of first-round talents on my board. His freakish athleticism, along with his historic college career, make Fournette a hands down first-round pick, very likely within the top 10.

If the Bucs' allocation of resources leading up to the draft is any indication, there's no position they've evaluated more extensively than running back.

Despite just one year of experience as a starter, Trubisky has a consistency and polish that stand in stark contrast to many of his peers in this draft class.

Wide receiver Chris Godwin and offensive tackle Taylor Moton went four and five picks later.



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