Uber expects flying taxis to take off in 2020

A view of the cockpit as Aero Mobil unveils the latest prototype of a flying car in Monaco Thursday

Google founder Larry Page is backing flying auto projects, Airbus has said it's working on a vehicle, Massachusetts-based Terrafugia plans to start shipping a flying auto in two years and Slovakia-based AeroMobil on Thursday starting taking pre-orders for a $1 million vehicle.

The car-for-hire company discussed its vision for urban air service at the Uber Elevate Summit in Dallas.

Global ride-sharing service Uber announced this afternoon that it is partnering with Aurora Flight Sciences to develop an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for its proposed Uber Elevate Network, which includes passenger transport and package delivery.

The company won't be building the vehicles, nor will Uber be developing the charging infrastructure or building the ports for these flying cars alone.

Uber is committed, though, and it's working with the cities of Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai to launch pilot programs for its Elevate Network. They could then take and UberX or UberPOOL to the VTOL landing site, Holden said. Rather, the majority are pursuing electric, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircrafts for shorter urban commutes. Chief executive officer Larry Page funded at least two flying auto projects.

San Francisco: Uber Technologies Inc. hopes to one day operate a network of flying cars. Uber also entered into a partnership with Dubai's road and transportation authority to study demand in the region to work on pricing and network optimization. Lawmakers have yet to set rules that explicitly govern flying cars, but when they do, it's likely Uber again will butt heads with regulators.

Testing in Dallas will begin in 2020 with about five different vertiports, said Mark Moore, a longtime NASA engineer hired by Uber. The startup backed down last month, finally obtaining a permit and bringing its autonomous vehicles back to California.

Dallas-Fort Worth residents and visitors could soon skip traffic and travel across the area via aircraft.

Perot Jr. and Mayor Mike Rawlings will speak later today.



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