U.S. strike in Syria: Game changer or deterrent?

In a move that further complicates the conflict in Syria, the U.S. has fired dozens of cruise missiles at a Syrian government-controlled airbase in retaliation for the recent chemical weapons attack that killed at least 86 people, including 27 children, in a rebel-held town in Idlib province.

His comments to WTOP follow a Thursday statement in which he called the airstrikes "unlawful".

President Donald Trump ordered the military action-the first by the USA against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces since the Syrian war began more than six years ago.

Trump said he was moved to action upon hearing of the harm caused by the chemical attack, which killed more than 70 people, including over 20 children.

Senior U.S. military officials said the missiles destroyed up to 20 Syrian aircraft and damaged fuel sites and a surface-to-air missile system.

A United Nations investigation was unable to determine who was responsible.

It is the U.S. that is most capable of sending a powerful message to rogue regimes like Assad's in Damascus and the Iranian government in Tehran which has also failed repeatedly to demonstrate that it is committed to acting like a responsible member of the worldwide community.

Thursday in NY, the prime minister was not ready to assign blame for Tuesday's suspected sarin attack, which killed more than 80 people.

The Trump administration on Friday defended its strikes against Syrian military targets overnight, while Russian Federation and Syria slammed the attacks and warned they would provoke more terrorism and instability in the region.

Kaine, Hillary Clinton's running mate in her failed bid for the White House, was firm in his stance.

Syrian-Canadian Bayan Khatib says the US missile strike must be followed up by a permanent solution to the crisis in Syria, otherwise it will lead to no change. Syria denies using nerve gas.

Russia's deputy U.N. ambassador Vladimir Safronkov speaks during a Security Council meeting on the situation in Syria, Friday, at United Nations headquarters. We had hoped the Security Council would move forward, but Russian Federation made it known, as it has done seven times before, that it would use its veto once again, covering up for the Assad regime. Think about that. Russian Federation is supposed to have removed all the chemical weapons from Syria, but obviously that has not happened, as innocent Syrians continue to be murdered in chemical attacks. She added that preventing the use of chemical weapons and their proliferation is "our vital national security interest".

The US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Ross.

The US strike against Syria was strongly condemned by Russian Federation, which also threatened to cut cooperation with the Americans in the fight against terror in Syria. So far, they said, they do not have any confirmation of any military or civilian deaths.

"The United States not only unilaterally attacked, but while we were discussing here and demanding the need for an independent investigation an impartial investigation, complete investigation into the attacks, the United States has become that investigator, has become the prosecutor, has become the judge, has become the jury", said Soliz. Russian Federation joined the war on Assad's behalf in 2015, turning the momentum of the conflict in his favor.

The U.S. strikes cheered Assad's enemies, after months when Western powers appeared to grow increasingly resigned to his staying in power.

Neither the Trump administration nor its predecessor has laid out a policy aimed at ending theSyrian conflict.

"The big question for all those who are engaged in military action in Syria is what is their plan to stop the killing and bring a durable peace that can deliver a modicum of hope to the people ofSyria?" David Miliband, head of the International Rescue Committee humanitarian agency, told Reuters Television.



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