Trump raps Iran as violating 'spirit' of nuclear deal

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt speaks to employees of the EPA in Washington. Dow Chemical is pushing the Trump administration to scrap the finding

As much as Trump hates the Iran deal, I don't believe he'll risk reneging on the nuclear deal that five other nations negotiated and signed.

It has repeatedly denied accusations by the West that it was ever trying to develop nuclear weapons. "The United States is keen to avoid a second piece of evidence that strategic patience is a failed approach".

"The JCPOA fails to achieve the objective of a non-nuclear Iran", Tillerson said, using an acronym for the 2015 nuclear deal. However, there have yet been no concrete practical anti-Iranian steps, only loud statements, which, in the understanding of the new United States administration, show that America is regaining its greatness.

As part of Tuesday's letter to Congress, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson vowed to review the JCPOA and determine whether it is "vital" to the U.S.'s "national security interests".

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has accused Iran of "alarming ongoing provocations" to destabilise countries in the Middle East as the Trump administration launched a review of its policy towards Tehran.

The next big test for the nuclear deal is likely to come in June, when sanctions waivers signed by President Obama will be due for renewal.

According to The Associated Press, the administration admits the agreement is working as planned and they have "extended the sanctions relief given to the Islamic republic in exchange for curbs on its atomic program". As a result, European governments rushed to conclude deals on the practically untouched Iranian market. He said: "The militia they maintain, Lebanese Hezbollah that they support in Lebanon, that militia is contributing thousands of fighters, and of course Iran's got its own military inside Syria continuing to hold [President Bashar] Assad in power".

Tillerson is set to chair a UN Security Council ministerial meeting next week on North Korea, amid soaring tensions over Pyongyang's missile and nuclear ambitions.

He went on to say that the deal also does not address Iran's violation of human rights or their destabilizing influence throughout the region, so he said Tillerson should tell allies that he will target that "bad behavior".

PARSI: Well, I think the first thing to say is that it doesn't seem as if the Trump administration really knows what it's doing.

In a statement on Wednesday, Mr Tillerson said a review, which he had announced in a letter to Congress a day earlier, would look at the whole USA policy towards Iran - taking in not only Tehran's compliance with the nuclear deal but also its actions in the Middle East.

Donald Trump's administration has become more heavily involved in foreign affairs during the last month, with tensions rising in relations between Washington and several other states, including Russian Federation and North Korea.

What has this got to do with North Korea?

However, hardliners in Iran believe that the bluffing, because it would be risking a diplomatic crisis with the five other signatories, Britain, China, France, Germany and Russian Federation. He and his aides have previously criticized the accord for letting Iran continue to support Hezbollah and other terrorist groups and to continue development of a ballistic missile program.



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