Trump Administration Infighting Comes To A Head

"He knows how to build a coalition to get legislation passed", one senior GOP source with knowledge of the list said of McCarthy. But Bannon has signaled that he is not going away anywhere, anytime soon.

Kushner and other aides anxious that Bannon's fixation on "deconstructing" government had not served Trump well in the first months of his presidency. Although a liberal East Coast elite and a globalization votary for the most part, with business interests across the world and immigrant spouses to boot, Trump rode into the White House on the back of a nativist cry for white American primacy of the kind espoused by Bannon and his crew. He's channelled the populist and nationalist sentiment that propelled Trump's campaign, and his placement on the National Security Council committee in January was criticised by some members of the US Congress and Washington's foreign policy establishment, who said it risked politicising the security advice provided to the president. White House spokeswoman Hope Hicks told CNN that the goal of Kushner's visit to Iraq was to get an update on anti-ISIS efforts from US and Iraqi officials. On Friday, there was a meeting among Priebus, Bannon, Kushner, and his wife, Ivanka Trump.

Tensions reached their boiling point on Wednesday when Bannon was removed from his post on the National Security Council at the behest of national security adviser H.R. McMaster.

Although one associate of Bannon told New York Magazine that Bannon and Kushner used to have "an nearly uncle-nephew thing going", that has changed as Kushner has increasingly seen fit to challenge Bannon's populist ideology.

While Bannon's influence has waned considerably inside the West Wing since the early days of the administration, he remains a powerful force outside the administration. The session was "an attempt to smooth things over/get on the same page and move forward on President Trump's agenda", the official said.

Kushner's failure to disclose these meetings with Russian officials was the third time a Trump administration official had not disclosed details about meetings and conversations with Russians. She was one of only a few senior aides not present at this week's summit with the Chinese president at Trump's Florida estate. He's also played a key role in Trump's foreign policy, including the USA relationship with China.

The decision was made just ahead of Trump's dinner with Xi.

Trump reportedly told Bannon and Kushner to "work this out" amid recurring disagreements between the pair before last week's discussion.

"No staff shakeups here", the official added.

"There's a big fight [going on]", said a thirdsenior official.

"This is not as significant as it appears, I think", said the 54-year-old general.



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