Trucker Who Dragged Another Car Along For Miles: 'I Didn't Know It'

This might be the worst truck driver in AmericaMore

Brian Steimke said on his Facebook page that he was driving home to Hesperia, California which is about 2 and a half hours southeast of Bakersfield.

One driver recently found that out the hard way, when he wound up having his auto tangled up with the rear end of a semi-truck.and then was reportedly dragged possibly as far as four miles, according to the video's description. Steimke is heard saying. The driver in the sedan can be seen waving his hands for help behind a shattered windshield and crushed hood.

Other drivers honked to try and get the big rig driver's attention.

A driver spotted another motorist in a precarious situation along a California highway: his destroyed vehicle was being dragged by a semi truck.

Shortly before 3:30 p.m. a red Nissan four-door sedan rear-ended a big-rig, according to the California Highway Patrol incident website.

The driver says he's lucky to be alive after he was dragged 4-miles up the I-15 freeway.

The truck driver also asked to remain unidentified.

Despite the significant damage to his vehicle, the driver of the Nissan was not injured.



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