There was finally some justice for Shoshanna on last night's Girls

Episode 57, debut 3/12/17 Lena

Elijah Krantz asks Hannah why she'd want to leave NY. She offers some advice that foreshadows the theme of the episode: "I'd like to remind the three of you not to sleep on this friendship, because I know it feels like it's just gonna be like love and lust looking forward, but lust fades and friendship never does if you nurture it". After all, what's more grown-up than moving to the suburbs?

Even though there's one more episode of Girls left, it looks like we'll really be focusing on the end to Hannah's story as opposed to neatly tying up the loose ends for every character. She is no longer the fumbling, virginal prepster who was "definitely a Carrie at heart, but, like, sometimes Samantha kind of comes out". Also, Shoshanna's number is inexplicably disconnected. Jessa just wants everyone to stop treating her a jezebel or a witch, but Shosh has long moved on-from everyone. Gabby Hoffman is still delightfully weird in the role, and it was a joy to see her and little Sample. And I love the non-sequitur of him revealing he's stolen a bunch of Chobani yogurts and Hannah excitedly replying, "I'm so proud of you!" But by the end of the epic closing montage, Hannah has already moved into her new place and is ready to embark on her new life. This is the put-together Shoshanna that was practically on a vision board she would have been prone to making in Season 1. It seems that, for a second, Hannah wonders if it's a sign. That's because they're hanging out without Shosh's engagement party, which Hannah accidentally crashes whilst wearing overalls. Hannah and Jessa discuss their hurt feelings while Marnie notes her anxiety about their deteriorating friendship, and her desire to fix it. But she soon realizes that she's stumbled into a party. While I never missed an episode of "The Bachelor", that one episode would fill my brain-melting quota for the week - that is, until a spring break wisdom-teeth removal gave me a week in bed on Percocet, and an unsuspecting Tinder match gave me his HBO GO password. Elijah (Andrew Rannells) consoles Hannah, who is having trouble connecting with Marnie and Shosh, by telling her, "You've made so many wonderful friendships here".

Konner tells THR, "There's something about when you live in NY there's nearly this unspoken pact with your friends like, 'It's really hard here but we are toughing it out no matter what.' When people leave we kind of treat them like traitors to the cause, like, 'Oh, I guess you're soft in the end'".

Episode 57 (season 6, episode 5), debut 3/12/17: Jemima Kirke. And that's ultimately why Shosh has been largely missing from this season. Want to see more from Lenny Burnham? But I understand the thinking behind it. What sets the show apart is its honesty, and Hannah's pregnancy acts as the hinge to connect "Girls" to its less honest television forerunners. But as Donald Trump has settled uneasily into his presidency, setting his advisers on each other like a sadistic ringmaster arranging the pairings at a gladiatorial arena, I've found some comfort in television, where women feel liberated from demands that they be likable or gorgeous or that they wear skirts in the workplace. And that's the ultimate setup of the final conflict between the four. And Marnie, who ignored Hannah's last couple of phone calls, is mad Hannah didn't tell her. Hannah and Marnie's relationship has been fraught since Season 1, when Marnie moved out of their shared apartment in a huff. But also because the best way to have a giant confrontation is in a small space.

Good things come to those who wait and work hard for their spotlight.



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