Texas governor gives first clear support for bathroom bill

If the House bill becomes law, cities would no longer be able to extend protections beyond the federal minimums, which include race, religion and national origin. But his bill doesn't say anything about "birth certificate sex" or how bathrooms are regulated.

The NBA, NFL and corporate giants including Facebook and Google have previously warned Texas against adopting a bill that was similar to the original North Carolina law.

He said he hopes they will clearly state their opposition to the bill known as House Bill 2899.

House Speaker Joe Straus has spoken out against so-called bathroom bills.

In the House debate last week, Rep. Barry Usher, R-Billings, says since babies at this stage can feel, they probably have emotions too. And if the school makes changes to accommodate that student, the Texas Attorney General could take legal action against the school.

Advocates estimate 30,000 people in the state of Florida are arrested for marijuana offenses each year.

On Tuesday, House leaders gathered to speak and try to pressure senators to pass this gas tax.

Since the Texas Supreme Court ruled last summer that while deeply flawed, the school finance system is minimally constitutional, though, no legislative fix is required.

According to the Texas Education Agency, 9,000 students graduated through the graduation committees in the 2015-16 school year, comprising about 3 percent of all graduates.

A bill requiring teachers and staff members who have regular contact with students to be trained in youth suicide and prevention awareness is headed to the governor.

That move sent the bill back to the full House for a vote, where a simple majority could advance it. A final, largely formulaic vote Thursday sends it to the Texas Senate.

"We just oppose trains because they lack transparency and are a poor way to legislate public policy", Baer said.

The Department of Revenue expected the amended version to provide about $250,000 in total tax breaks once fully implemented, while the Senate version would cost the state roughly $180,000 in property tax revenue. That means many top 10 percenters could be rejected by the state's top two public colleges - the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University. The 1997 law was created to promote campus diversity, most notably at the University of Texas. The students would have to demonstrate grade-level proficiency in order to participate. That plan says you can't rent out your house for more than half the year, or for more than a month at a time.

"Compromise will be reached and we go home May 22", he said.

The board unanimously approved the change Wednesday. "They did not vote specifically for what form it comes in", argued Representative Elizabeth Porter.



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