Sunderland boss David Moyes apologises over "slap" threat to female reporter

Sunderland sacked Johnson after he pleaded guilty to grooming and kissing the girl on the first day of his trial

"It was getting a wee bit naughty at the end there so just watch yourself", Moyes told Sparks.

The ex-United boss, who is now under pressure at struggling Sunderland, clashed with Vicki Sparks, who works for BBC Newcastle, after his team's draw with Burnley before the worldwide break.

The Telegraph have reported that there was no official complaint made by the reporter herself, although her employers were said to be livid with the revelations.

Sunderland boss David Moyes says he "deeply regrets" telling a female BBC reporter she might "get a slap". It's certainly not the person I am and I accept it was a mistake.

However, Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, the shadow Sports Minister, branded Moyes' conduct "disgraceful", adding on Twitter: "David Moyes can not get away with these sexist threats - the @FA must take action immediately". Pressured job. Well rewarded.

Clare Phillipson, the director of the domestic abuse charity Wearside Women in Need, said was "stunned" when she watched the exchange on video.

A smiling Moyes then added: "Careful the next time you come in".

"It is for the FA to set a clear standard about what they think is acceptable".

"It is that contrition that appears to have saved Moyes, along with the fact that both Sparks and the BBC accepted the apology".

News of the incident emerged after Moyes confirmed he expects to remain in charge at the club next season no matter what happens.

A spokesperson for the club also spoke to the Star, adding: "David and the reporter spoke to another another subsequently and the mater was resolved amicably".

Sunderland remain favourites to be relegated and are bottom of the Premier League following a 1-0 defeat at Watford on Saturday.



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