Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: Which Side Are You On?

Samsung have released their forecasts for Q1 2017 which shows that the company is well on the way to recovery.

LG is the world's second largest television maker behind Samsung and it said that its operating profit between January and March was likely 922 billion won ($812.62 million), compared with an average forecast of 518 billion won.

Samsung Electronics expects consolidated first quarter sales of approximately 50 trillion Korean won and operating profit of 9.8 to 10 trillion won.

Therefore, in compliance with such disclosure regulations, the above figures represent the median of the earnings estimate range, provided below.

The report also states that Samsung also assigned build numbers for the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 models, respectively N935LKLU2AQD2/ N935LLUC2AQD2/ N935LKLU2AQD2.

Profits are expected to be even high in the April-June period due to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, on April 21st. Thanks to the smaller number of bezels that Samsung is aiming for, not to mention incorporating its lovely Infinity Display, the device will look smaller than the rest of the competition, allowing for a one-handed use in a comfortable manner. Samsung has already proven that it can immensely improve the software, and with a dual-camera upgrade, we do not see how the company cannot take the camera features to newer heights.

The company has rapidly recovered from last year's costly failure of its fire-prone Galaxy Note7 device, despite a political scandal involving vice-chairman Lee Jae Yong, who faces charges including bribing ousted president Park Geun Hye.

In fact, on the whole South Korea's stock market has been doing pretty well, with foreign funds pumping in $3bn. Samsung smartphone sales fell in the third quarter of 2016 by 14.2 percent year over year, making it the company's worst performance ever.



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