Russia says metro bomber funded by 'international terrorists' in Turkey - RIA

Brother of suspected Russia subway bomb organizer arrested

Akram Azimov is said to be the older brother of Abror Azimov, the suspected planner who was arrested on Monday.

During the hearing, Akram Azimov, the elder brother of suspected organizer of the terrorist act in the St. Petersburg metro Abror Azimov, denied any involvement in the subway blast, a Sputnik correspondent reported from Moscow's Basmanny Court on Thursday.

The Russian Investigative Committee subsequently said that Akram Azimov called by phone suicide bomber Akbarzhon Jalilov and transferred him money received in Turkey from a member of an global terrorist group.

The Federal Security Service (FSB) said in a statement that Akram Azimov, born in 1988, was detained in a village outside Moscow on Wednesday.

"I was involved, but not directly".

Olga Maltseva

"My participation was indirect, I did not realize what I was doing, I was issued", Life cited Azimov.

Earlier, a state investigator told the court that Azimov had confessed to having prepared the attack, but the suspect said he had not confessed to that.

Djalilov's DNA had been matched to a bomb left at a second metro station defused by authorities. All arrested suspects were put in detention.

He noted that intelligence agencies identified 66 individuals who recruited people to a terrorist group.

The head of the FSB called on to bring the fight to counter the ideology of terrorism to a qualitatively new level.



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