Russia Relations May Be At An 'All-Time Low'

The US-along with France and the UK-had sought to pass a resolution condemning the use of chemical weapons in Syria and calling for a full probe into last week's attack only to have it vetoed by Russian Federation during a meeting of the UN Security Council on Wednesday, the Hill reports.

The most immediate dispute concerned culpability for the chemical weapons, though broader disagreements over everything from Ukraine to Russia's support for once-fringe candidates in European elections are among other sore points.

Tillerson's comments are a notable reversal in the Trump administration's policy toward Syria.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Wednesday, April 12, said the relations between the US and Russian Federation were "at a low point" and the two countries remained divided on a range of issues, including Syria.

It seems Putin agrees.

It was the first direct USA military action against al-Assad's forces since the start of Syria's civil war six years ago and led to a quick downward spiral in ties between Washington and Moscow.

Tillerson said that Russian Federation could help Assad "recognize this reality".

Mr Tillerson repeated the USA administration's belief that "the reign of the Assad family is coming to an end".

Russian Federation vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution on Wednesday that demanded the Syrian government cooperate with an inquiry into the suspected sarin-gas attack that killed dozens of people.

He also backed United States calls to find a political solution and said the G7 leaders were ready to work with Russian Federation to end the violence in Syria.

"The use of chemical weapons as a pretext for violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of an independent state - a member of the United Nations - is a very risky activity", Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said. Denouncing the "barbaric" attack, Trump ordered a strike that saw 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles slam into the airbase in central Syria from which Washington accused al-Assad's forces of launching the attack. "How do you know that?" he said.

He said he and Mr Lavrov had agreed a number of measures, including setting up a "working group" to deal with "smaller issues", and would continue to cooperate.

United Kingdom analysis of samples from the Syria chemical attack has detected sarin or a sarin-like substance, Britain's UN ambassador has said.

Tillerson, who met with Putin earlier Wednesday, deplored the "low level of trust" between the countries, whose relations have dropped to a post-Cold War low over Ukraine and Syria.

"Clearly our view is that reign of Assad family is coming to an end".



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