Rihanna's Coachella Outfit Had the Power of a Million Suns

All your favourite celebs spotted at Coachella 2017

It should be noted that Rihanna isn't performing at Coachella and yet she's still the center of attention. We can't tell if we love or loathe this look. Sharing a snap of her ensemble on Instagram, the 29-year-old singer wrote: "I can't go home yet, cuz enough people ain't seen my outfit".

Rihanna amused her social media followers by admitting she was reluctant to leave Coachella because not enough people had noticed her outfit.

Rihanna has added another reason to the long list of reasons why she is one of the most lovable celebrities in the world. But, there's no way a mesh mask covered in diamonds would qualify as lounge-wear. The sheer one-piece featured long-sleeves and trousers, with the face mask attached. A few weeks ago, she plucked a pair of Saint Laurent glitter boots straight off the runway and paired with a Raf Simons sweatshirt and Schott leather jacket. She completed the outfit with a Gucci tank top, denim cutoffs and a pair of Fenty x Puma platform sneakers. Even though her outfit is a bit weird and outrageous, she managed to pull it off, of course.



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