Prosecutor rests case in fatal trooper ambush

The man who led authorities on a 48-day Pennsylvania manhunt almost three years ago - after killing a state trooper in an ambush - was convicted on a dozen felony counts Wednesday, and is now faced with the prospect of a death sentence. He's convicted on 12 counts including first-degree murder.

"We think that Eric deserves to live", said Frein's attorney Bill Ruzzo.

After the prosecution finished its case Tuesday morning, the defense called no witnesses and presented no evidence.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Frein, who killed Cpl.

The trial will now enter the penalty phase where, after hearing from witnesses from both sides, the jury will decide if Frein will be sentenced to life in prison or if he will receive the death penalty.

Pike County District Attorney Ray Tonkin called Frein a terrorist and told reporters after the guilty verdict that he intends to seek "full justice" for the victims and their families.

Frein shot Dickson in the chest and through the shoulders and spine from a distance of 87 yards, waited almost 90 seconds until Trooper Alex Douglass came to Dickson's aid and then shot him, too, Tonkin said.

His DNA was found on the trigger of the murder weapon, and police recovered several handwritten notebook pages at Frein's wooded campsite in which he described the ambush.

Frein waited almost 90 seconds until Douglass came to Dickson's aid and then shot him, too, Tonkin said. He wrote a letter to his parents while on the run in which he talked about sparking a revolution. Bryon Dickson and Trooper Alex Douglass at the Blooming Grove barracks on September 12, 2014.

Frein was captured after a 48-day manhunt, in which he left bombs in the woods.

"I certainly acknowledge that that mountain of evidence you heard and you saw points to my client, Eric Frein", defense lawyer Michael Weinstein said in a brief closing argument in which he thanked the jurors for their attentiveness.

Frein eluded capture for 48 days before US marshals arrested him at an abandoned airplane hangar.



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