Poor pupils 'less likely to be at outstanding primary'

Of those 444 who were not offered one of their preferred schools, almost half failed to make use of all available preferences, limiting Kent's ability to offer them a preferred school.

Further still, wealthier parents were considerably more likely to appeal against their child being sent to a school that was not their preference, with 78% saying they would do so, compared to 68% of less well off parents.

Of the offers made to Lincolnshire primary schools, 7,059 (94.3%) of children will receive their first preference school.

"Unfortunately, each year a small minority of pupils are not offered a school of their choice".

All 480 East Riding residents who applied for their children to transfer from an infant school to Year 3 at one of the six junior schools got places at the junior school they named as their first choice.

98% of families in the county secured one of their top three preferences.

Parents and carers can pick up their offer using the online system from today.

Along with the rest of the country, Lincolnshire has experienced high numbers of families wanting their children to start school in September.

In total, 11% of children in these families now attend a struggling primary school, compared to just 6% of the richest ones.

"We know that all families care about giving their children the best possible start in life, but as outstanding schools are unfairly concentrated in richer communities, poorer families are finding themselves priced out". I'd like to encourage the youngsters receiving their offer today to enjoy their time at school, have fun and work hard to reach their full potential.

Poor parents have half the chance of getting their child into an outstanding primary school compared with rich people. A spokesperson told the BBC: "We have already set out plans to make more good school places available - including scrapping the ban on new grammar school places, and harnessing the resources and expertise of universities, independent and faith schools". The local authority has been able to give all 25 children places at their local, catchment area schools.



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