Police capture suspect in gun theft who sent Trump manifesto


Jakubowski's flight gained national attention after it was learned he mailed a 161-page manifesto to the White House in which he states the government has wronged him and called the government a gang of terrorists.

Joseph Jakubowski, the man accused of stealing firearms and sending a threatening manifesto to President Donald Trump, was taken into custody on Friday, police said. Lt. Philip Carini of the Waukesha County sheriff's office said the letter purported to be from Jakubowski, though this has not been not verified.

The odyssey began April 4 in Janesville, Wisconsin, 70 miles southwest of Milwaukee, where the fugitive allegedly stole arms from a gun shop.

Jakubowski was taken into custody around 6am without incident after tactical officers made contact. A Lutheran church in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin cancelled its Palm Sunday services after "a suspicious man who looked like Jakubowski stopped by the church...asking questions".

So on April 9, the federal authorities expanded a search for Jakubowski and labeled him "armed and dangerous" because he may have been plotting an act of mass violence, ABC News reports. Gorn said he didn't realize it was Jakubowski, the 32-year-old target of an intense manhunt by at least 150 federal, state and local law enforcement officers for more than a week.

The Vernon County Sheriff's Office received a credible tip Thursday night at 7:11 p.m., indicating Jakubowski was spotted in a remote location on Estes Road, off Co.

The hunt was schedule for Saturday, and a statement put out by Walker and First Lady Tonette Walker said they were "sad to miss one of our favorite events".

Gorn, 58, a former high school guidance counselor, said he talked with Jakubowski for an hour.

A criminal complaint filed in federal court Friday charged Jakubowski with theft of firearms from a licensed gun dealer. The store's owner reported 16 handguns, two long guns and two silencers stolen.

Jakubowski is accused of stealing 18 guns from a store near Janesville April 4. "He brought the country together, he brought our community together, and instead of creating a revolution, what he did is he helped improve the trust and, I would say, the overall attitude toward law enforcement in a very positive light".



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