Pittsburgh Steelers former president, Dan Rooney, passes away

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis issued a statement honoring the life of former Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney who died on Thursday.

Rooney took over Steelers operations in the 1960s from his father, Art, who founded the franchise. "The Rooney Rule and its influence are a tribute to the man, but only one of many". Noll won four Super Bowls.

He helped develop the Rooney Rule under which National Football League teams are required to interview minority candidates for coaching and front-office positions.

Joseph deserved the job on his own merits, but there was a time in professional sports when the most qualified African Americans were not getting hired for high-level positions.

"With humility, class and an unwavering devotion to the good of the game, Dan Rooney shaped the modern NFL". He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000.

Added Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi: "A truly unforgettable and special moment for me was getting a personal visit from Dan Rooney after I had just accepted the head coaching job at Pitt". "My father meant so much to all of us, and so much to so many past and present members of the Steelers organization".

Both teams wrote messages on Twitter on Thursday, sending thoughts and prayers to the Steelers. Rooney is a graduate of Duquesne. Mr. Rooney was a great man and true leader who always put others before himself.

Rooney is survived by his wife, Patricia, and seven of the couple's nine children.

"When Dan Rooney spoke at a league meeting, the entire room became quiet, because everybody wanted to hear what he had to say".



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