Petition started to name April's calf after 'Giraffe Mom's' baby boy

April the Giraffe Erin Dietrich the'Giraffe Mom and her son Porter

Erin Dietrich earned the nickname "Giraffe Mom" after posting a video of herself on Facebook dressed up as a giraffe doing mostly nothing.

On Tuesday, Erin Dietrich, the SC woman who became an internet sensation as "Giraffe Mom", got a chance to have a meeting of the minds, er, necks, with April the giraffe.

She had garnered her own online fan club when she videotaped her pregnant self, wearing a $16 giraffe head in a parody of April's live-streamed and long-delayed birth.

Erin Dietrich, the SC mother who donned a giraffe mask before and after the birth of her son in March, met the country's most famous giraffe Wednesday.

April the giraffe wasn't the only mom to give birth that went viral.

She said she plans to visit Animal Adventure Park again in the summer with her three other children, who were understandably upset that they didn't get to join her.

"We're buddies; we're companions", Erin told Inside Edition.

Dietrich's video reached more than 32,000,000 views! A petition has been created to name April's newborn calf after the son of "Giraffe Mom" Erin Dietrich.

And, of course she wore the giraffe mask!

The park is sponsoring an online contest to name April's calf, and many have suggested calling the young animal Porter, after Erin's little son.



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