On eve of election campaign, BC parties focus on pocketbook issues

British Columbia NDP Leader John Horgan

As we near the May 9 provincial election, the Christy Clark Liberals announced today they will cap tolls for commuters on the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges.

Horgan says the yearly housing subsidy would apply across the entire province and be available to all tenants, regardless of their income.

"We're assuming that mobility pricing or some sort of costing would be necessary to fund the bridge, so it'll be an ongoing conversation of how now do you pay for some of the other elements in the ten-year Vision".

"Personally, I thought it was a pretty brilliant stroke on Horgan's part to say I'm not going to limit your tolls to $500 a year, I'm just going to get rid of it altogether", said Bill Tieleman, a political analyst and former NDP strategist.

Asked to explain the prediction that B.C. could be downgraded by to AA lending status, De Jong added: "This represents the first example of a decision, if taken by an NDP government that would lead to a credit downgrade".

"They built the bridges, they put the tolls in place, and at the eleventh hour they're trying to make it look like a good idea to make them go away".

"With respect to the B.C. Liberal tax break, the billion dollar tax break that they gave to the top two per cent of wage earners, we're going to roll that back".

The NDP's announcement comes barely a week after electricity rates jumped nine per cent.

Although the election campaign officially begins Tuesday, Horgan kicked off the NDP's campaign in Surrey on Sunday and visited North Delta on Monday.

Clark delivered her party's platform at Mobify, a Vancouver-based software company.

New Westminster Mayor Jonathan Cote says those plans might be popular with saving drivers money, but it won't help congestion on major roads.

"We're going to create a new Silicon Valley right here in Canada's Pacific Gateway", she said. She said she believes the dream of LNG export plants is still alive even though markets have cooled development.

The Green party has already unveiled several planks in its platform, including a climate change plan that would more than double the carbon tax over four years while spending $275 million to create clean technology jobs.

Note to readers: This is a corrected story.



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