Nintendo Switch Worldwide Sales Hit 2.4 Million Units


As much as I love the Nintendo Switch and the weird console-handheld hybrid thing its got going on, there are some things I feel like the system is now lacking.

However like we said those figures are just for the USA alone, meaning that combining the sales from other markets should result in a more impressive figure, and we were right. It looks like Nintendo is set to make this a reality with a limited release of the standalone Nintendo Switch dock available starting May 19th.

According to Citigroup, this is being developed to attract the young gamers, who find it a bit hard to handle the Switch. However, due to its hybrid platform, the Switch is said to be too big and heavy for smaller children, and this could result in Nintendo releasing a smaller version of the platform in the future. Essentially, the Nintendo Switch dock is just an HDMI hookup and charger for your device.

One of the features that contains Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition is the possibility to gather 8 players online and 4 players locally where you can use Switch in TV mode or separately in its portable mode.

The other day it was reported that over in the US, Nintendo had managed to sell over 900,000 units.

Citigroup analysts suggest that Nintendo would have shipped around 6.7 million Switch Mini units by March 2019 if the hardware was introduced 12 months earlier.

Also, figures are now suggesting that Switch is the most successful console in the history of Nintendo Corporation. This figure is based on 28 days of potential sale.



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