New 'Buy American, Hire American' Order May Do Little for Small Businesses

Trump said reform of the H-1B visa scheme was long overdue.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday titled "Buy American, Hire American" while on a trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where he called on federal agencies to overhaul the H-1B visa program.

Trump signed the order after he spoke before a crowd of technical students and manufacturing employees at the headquarters of Snap-On Tools, a Wisconsin-based manufacturing company. Agencies have also been asked to suggest changes so that the H-1B visas are granted to the most-skilled or highest-paid applicants.

"He spent his life in private business, and he understands the private sector better than anyone, and now he's leveraging that knowledge and experience to go to work on behalf of the American people", one official said.

US President will sign an executive order to recommend changes to H-1B visa programme for skilled workers.

"The idea that Donald Trump is dramatically turning his back on his "America first" policy as well as his comment that the dollar is "too strong" are hurting the USA currency", Lawler said.

Chandrasekhar said the executive order has two parts to it - first part of the order talks of compliance provisions, and a change in this could make it tough for companies to operate but not a cause of concern for Indian IT companies because they comply with the rules. As per Trump's speech to media on Tuesday, the president yet again made an attempt to stress "Buy American - Hire American" policy.

The order targets the H1-B visa program, which allows companies to employ graduate level workers in specialty occupations like IT, engineering, mathematics and science.

Before we get into this, I want to be completely upfront with you about the sources I used for this story so you can trust what you're hearing is the real deal and not some slant or spin.

A day after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the scrapping of Australia's 457 visas, President Donald Trump has ordered federal agencies to look at tightening the U.S. temporary visa program.

Although H-1Bs are the main focus of the order, other guest worker programs could also come under scrutiny. India's National Association of Software and Services even told the Times that the H-1B visa program only exists because the USA is constantly short on high-skilled IT talent.

NASSCOM, a trade body representing Indian IT industry told Reuters that it backs efforts to root out H-1B abuses, but said the idea that H-1B visa holders are cheap labour is inaccurate.



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