Missing Tenn. student Elizabeth Thomas is 'resting' after reuniting with her family

Thomas was "apparently healthy and unharmed", according to Maury County, Tennessee district attorney Brent Cooper, who told reporters Thursday that their main concern was "how she is emotionally and mentally".

Thomas is in federal custody and could possibly be returned to her family in Tennessee on Friday.

Michael "Monk" O'Hare, who said he was out of town that evening, owns property in the small, forested California hamlet of Cecilville, including the 12 by 12-foot wood cabin where he said the pair was found.

He phoned police, who surrounded the cabin and busted Cummins and rescued the teenage student Thursday morning.

"He was saying he was from Colorado".

Barry said he knew something wasn't quite right.

Barry also put gas in their vehicle.

The caller said Cummins had taken up residence in Cecilville, about two hours from the nearest police station.

"Our Intelligence Analysts and Agents have worked tirelessly since issuing this AMBER Alert to process more than 1,500 leads from all 50 states", TBI Director Mark Gwyn says in the release.

Authorities allege Cummins "groomed" Elizabeth for months.

Cummins and Thomas disappeared on March 13, sparking a cross-country manhunt made all the more hard as Cummins apparently changed his appearance, and may have switched out the license plate on the vehicle he was driving, according to reports.

"I had a photo of him that was the AMBER Alert and I was like, that's definitely the guy, and then we saw the auto as well and it matched up".

The cabin's caretaker, Griffin Barry, told Inside Edition that Cummins and Thomas called themselves John and Joanna.

The Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office sent a tactical unit to the cabin Thursday morning.

Cummins faces state charges of aggravated kidnapping and sexual contact with a minor as well as the federal charges. Elizabeth was walking behind him and was detained.

Jason Whatley, the attorney representing Elizabeth Thomas' family, said the teen underwent a medical interview and a forensics interview before getting on the plane.

Cummins and the girl disappeared March 13 as a police investigation into their relationship was heating up.

[21.] "Further investigation also revealed that Cummins, while in Guymon, Oklahoma, traveled to another local Walmart with VICTIM on March 16, 2017, and purchased several items, including women's razors, chocolate, cheese cubes, and KY Jelly, a commonly used lubricant for sexual intercourse". But after that, the trail went cold. The charge carries a minimum of 10 years. In Tennessee, Cummins also will be charged with kidnapping and having sexual contact with a minor.

The girl is in federal custody and arrangements are being made for her return home.

He said the family planned to offer Elizabeth therapy, and understood that she would need time to recover. "However, there are still a lot of questions that we have", DeVine said. "It's a great example nationally of the power of the public". He said her family will be patient with her and get her the help she needs.

"It was very traumatic for her".



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