Minnesota police set up elaborate 'trap' on 4/20 day

Minnesota police set up elaborate 'trap' on 4/20 day

Some departments are taking to social media to remind people who may wish to partake that they shouldn't be lighting up in their jurisdiction - and having a little fun doing it.

With the high holiday in mind, a police department in central Minnesota (where marijuana remains illegal) said it has established "undercover operations" and "discreet traps" throughout its city Thursday.

The Tweet reads, "Undercover #420 operations are in place".

This is not the first time a tweet has gone viral for the Wyoming Police Department. "Discreet traps have been set up throughout the city today" and is trending on Twitter.

The tweets have already gained national attention, with many applauding the department's efforts.

The WPD followed up on the tweet by noting, "All jokes aside, substance abuse is a real issue". With that being said, if you need help with substance abuse issues please contact us and we'll find resources. "That does NOT mean jail time".

And here's their tweet from past year.

- Wyoming, MN Police (@wyomingpd) April 20, 2017Undercover #420 stings are underway.



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