March for Science comes to Yosemite on Earth Day

Dr John Hewson spoke at the march saying there was no energy transition policy to deal with climate change

The March for Science, taking place on Earth Day, will march in defense of truth and scientific fact. Rep. Pete McCloskey (R-Calif.), and lead organizer Denis Hayes turned out 20 million ordinary citizens in what is still regarded as the largest-ever single social mobilization effort in world history.

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, a marine biologist who has served as one of the march's leading organizers, added: "Science has never been independent from politics".

More than 25,000 people have RSVP'd "going" on the Facebook event.

Scientists - and granted, that term is used most loosely in this context - have taken a page from the leftist woman's playbook on How to Defeat Donald Trump in Six Easy Protest Steps and, upset at the president's climate change views, scheduled some mean marches for the streets of Washington, D.C.

"Budget cuts, disappearing data sets, censorship of researchers, and threats to dismantle necessary governmental agencies harm us all, putting our climate, health, food, environment, and jobs at risk".

Peggy La Cerra, an evolutionary neuroscientist living in Ojai, found she could not stay silent this spring in the face of a new administration in Washington, D.C., that plans to drastically scale back the role of science in government. "Ignoring scientific facts, theories and controversies is extraordinarily unsafe".

Last year, the importance of Earth Day was recognized when 175 countries met in NY on April 22nd to sign the Paris Climate Agreement. "It is particularly energizing for us as Earth scientists that the March is also happening on Earth Day".

Celebrating and advocating for science is a good way to mark Earth Day. The Nixon administration (1969-74) is a much-maligned Republican administration, but it achieved important advances with the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency supported by strong Congressional legislation through the Clean Air and Clean Water acts.

It is the cornerstone of our understanding of the world.

Erich Osterberg is an assistant professor in the Department of Earth Science at Dartmouth College, and he's speaking at the Concord event.

The March for Science is expected to be the second significant issue-oriented event in Park City since Trump took office. The north country is home to countless examples of everyday science. "This is a new and energized constituency - they just happen to be wearing lab coats". And by the same token, those countries that fail to educate their children about the science of the future will not prosper.

The petition, available online, shows that the signers hold degrees in various science fields, some with PhDs, but there is no evidence indicating they have climate science expertise.

Caroline Weinberg is still fascinated by the growth of the project she started with her colleagues back in January: "It is inspiring to people in the crowd and those observing and we hope that the momentum carries forward long after April 22". But, compared with recent years, the Trump era has seen a marked increase in demonstrations on the city's federal land.

There are a number of reasons science-lovers will be marching, including President Trump's tweets, which have raised concerns within the science community and have influenced people to march. And not just scientists.

Rush Holt, a former New Jersey congressman who heads the American Association for the Advancement of Science, has sought to cool expectations for the marches, saying activists shouldn't expect to move lawmakers or the administration by protest alone. Our representatives don't seem to think that this is an important issue to voters. The Forum program's state editorial board, which operates as "think tanks", operates in several states, including Ohio.



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