Lady Gaga debuts new single at Coachella

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Gaga stepped in to perform in the place of Beyonce, who had to pull out of the California-based music event due to being pregnant with twins. She has a bond with the Little Monsters that's unlike any other, and the song's first lines definitely carries a message about her supportive nature and her fans being able to find an escape through her music.

Performing to a massive crowd, Gaga performed a selection of her greatest hits and songs from her latest album, Joanne. And for those hoping Gaga would perform "Telephone" during her Super Bowl halftime show, it looks like now is your chance to hear her sing it live!

Gaga heaped praise on her fans during her set, and regularly talked to them.

The first woman in a decade to top the lineup at the premier music event, Lady Gaga unleashed an action-packed spectacle of acrobatic choreography that culminated in confetti, fireballs and fireworks on her dance anthem "Bad Romance".

Lamar, whose 2015 album To Pimp a Butterfly was quickly hailed as a hip-hop classic, will headline Coachella on Sunday two days after releasing a new album.

Frustrated festival-goers, who paid hundreds of dollars for tickets, could only stand in silence and anger looking at a dark stage.

Later, she uploaded a sort of artwork for the song on Instagram and simply captioned it, "The Cure". Beyonce was to become the second female headliner in Coachella's 18-year history. The project will also mark Bradley's directorial debut, and Gaga previously revealed she couldn't wait to get started on it. "Bradley Cooper is awesome to work with".

While fans were totally psyched about the opportunity to see Beyonce, 35, perform live at Coachella on April. 15 and 22, her replacement, Lady Gaga, 31, is determined to give Bey's biggest fans one heck of show - and she's even preparing to make the Queen herself proud!

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