Katy perry trolled for goddess kali's photo

Back in the day Katy got married to ex-husband Russell Brand in a lavish Hindu ceremony in India back in 2010

Russell Brand and Katy Perry married in India in 2010. Much like Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel did recently.

Pop star Katy Perry found herself at the receiving end on Instagram as she posted a picture of Goddess Kali, captioned "current mood". Social media users, mostly Indians, flooded her page with comments, accusing the Grammy award victor of being "insensitive".

"U should not show Ur emotions or feelings in the name of goddess or their images bcoz we Hindus worship them images of God are not a toy better remove it (sic)", wrote Satya Prasanna. "How could you compare your mood with this", one fan wrote. "Don't use such type of Indian God's and Goddess" pics to represent our mood.Do you know what this pic means and what's the story behind it?' "You don't have permission to upload a picture of our goddess on this f-king social media and embarrassing our culture".

A third said: "Are you serious?"

Fragile sentiments continue to get offended and hate comments still pour in. It took place in the north Indian state of Rajasthan. As the daughter of evangelical Christian pastors, Perry recalls handing out pamphlets titled, "How to Find God", at a Marilyn Manson concert in Santa Barbara and not being "allowed to interact with gay people". Though she may have past ties to the religion, her latest post left an gross impression to most of her 63.5 million Instagram followers. "You don't celebrate Halloween; Jesus gives you your Christmas presents; we watch Bill O'Reilly on TV".



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