Kasich Talks Unity Just Before Book Tour Starts

Kasich says political parties are “on their way out”

John Kasich (R) on Tuesday urged President Trump to start acting like the "father of America", but said voters should "give him a chance" as his presidency nears the end of its first 100 days.

Kasich was the last candidate to bow out of the Republican nomination past year, but he told Anderson Cooper at CNN's Town Hall in New York Monday night that Trump deserves a fair shot. After Trump won the nomination Kasich refused to endorse Trump.

"Being a governor sets you up as president", said Kasich.

"This is sort of symptomatic", Kasich said.

"Some people are going to say, why did you write this book?"

Trump is already proposing tax reform and tax cuts, said Kasich, but he's never seen a situation where something major has been proposed with lawmakers who want to pass laws based on the votes from just one party. Mr. Kasich is unable to run for governor again in 2018 due to term limits.

But Kasich said he does not think people voted for Trump because of Obamacare or tax reform, but because they are "very unsettled economically".

"Nothing big can be sustained if you don't have both parties working with it", Mr. Kasich said.

"'I voted for him. Give the guy a chance, is my view", he said Tuesday. I wear that uniform.' - 'I didn't vote for him. "I didn't go to the convention".



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