Kalispell joins protests over Trump tax returns

Protesters attend the Tax Day March in Cambridge

Officers confiscated knives and makeshift weapons.

Tuesday is tax day and questions continue over the President's still unreleased tax returns.

Pressed Monday about whether Trump will follow recent presidential precedent and release his tax returns, press secretary Sean Spicer claimed the president can not do so because he is under audit by the IRS, the same explanation Trump has used since early past year. Did Donald Trump pay his fair share of taxes; which banks and countries does his plethora of companies owe money; and have his previous IRS audits resulted in repayment of additional taxes?

But 71-year-old Ilene Singh said he's wrong.

Two of the biggest Tax rallies took place in NY and Los Angeles, where witnesses said about 5,000 people were present in each cities, demanding the president to release his taxes. They say the proposed cuts to health care, education, transportation are cruel and inhumane. But that's not what Americans said at rallies across the country on Saturday. How else are we know to when the president is working for us or for The Trump Organization?

"I'm actually hoping to find out that he has no questionable business dealings", said Lisa Curwen.

Protesters attend the Tax Day March in Cambridge

Warren was talking about Trump not releasing his tax returns when she argued, "I'll tell you this".

One of Trump's sharpest critics in the House spoke to protesters at the U.S. Capitol just before they set off on a march to the National Mall in Washington. The White House has also declined to provide proof of audits of current and past tax returns.

"If he thinks he can get away with playing king, he's got another thought coming", Waters said.

Tens of thousands of people have marched in dozens of USA cities to demand that President Donald Trump release his tax returns and to dispute his claim that the public doesn't care about the issue.

Trump's tax returns are a symptom, but it is Americans becoming morally outraged over the disease of trickle down economics that Republicans fear the most. The rallies were a forum to draw attention to the fact that the nation has still not seen its president's tax returns, despite the fact that he intends to take up tax reform as his next big challenge. It has legal authority to obtain confidential tax records, and could vote to make them public. Then, his campaign cited ongoing audits of his taxes from 2009 to 2015 and they even quietly released a letter last March from Trump's lawyers to bolstering the audit claim.

Marches are planned Saturday in Raleigh, Charlotte and Mooresville on the day Americans normally must complete their annual tax returns.



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