Jon Ossoff Landslide Reinforces Resistance to Trump — Triumph in Georgia

Jon Ossoff Landslide Reinforces Resistance to Trump — Triumph in Georgia

Tuesday's balloting in Georgia's 6th Congressional District didn't produce a victor, but Democratic upstart Jon Ossoff - seeking to replace Republican Tom Price, who was tapped by President Donald Trump for health and human services secretary - led all candidates with 48.1 percent of the vote.

Karen Handel, who emerged as the Republican candidate out of last night's 6th District Congressional primary in Georgia, speaks to CNN's Alyson Camerota about her plan to win in the June election.

It seems clear that all eyes will be on the upcoming runoff election between Ossoff and Handel in June.

Democrats are defecting from a 30-year-old congressional candidate who fell short of winning a special election in Georgia this week. Jon Ossoff, the Democratic candidate, won about 48% of the vote, while Karen Handel, his closest Republican challenger, secured roughly 20% in a more crowded GOP field. If any one candidate received 50 percent of the vote, they would win the seat outright; however, if no one reached that threshold, the top two vote getters would be moved to a runoff election scheduled for June 20.

With the slogan "Make Trump Furious", Ossoff aims to galvanize opposition to a president struggling with an approval rating that has not topped 50 percent since he took office on January 20, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling.

The victor in Georgia will succeed Republican Tom Price, who resigned to join Trump's administration as health secretary.

Both major parties are approaching the runoff in Georgia as an important test ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. "And while Republicans have their backs against the wall, Democrats will keep their foot on the gas through Election Day because the residents of Georgia's 6district deserve a representative who will fight for them", he said.

Trump in the final days of the campaign appeared to perceive the damage an Ossoff win would do to a presidency scoring historically low approval ratings and with an agenda that has been stymied by the courts and Congress.

Following Tuesday's results, Trump tweeted that it was a "big" win for Republicans and took partial credit for the outcome. And Trump let the world know he played a role - via a robocall and tweets - writing this: "Glad to be of help!"

But Democratic Party supporters were fired up, said University of Georgia professor Charles S. Bullock.

"The Democratic base is totally engaged, totally fired up, and anybody that thinks that is going to go away I think is whistling past the political graveyard", Cole said.

Trump blasted Ossoff on Twitter and said in a robocall that the Democrat would "raise your taxes, destroy your healthcare, and flood our country with illegal immigrants". When Price gave up the seat to join Donald Trump's cabinet, the question wasn't whether he'd be replaced by a Republican, but rather, which one.

Trump also criticized the enthusiasm for Ossoff from people who don't live in Georgia's 6th congressional district. But the president called to congratulate her Wednesday morning, and Handel said she hoped he would come to campaign for her.



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