Internal memo on Bill O'Reilly sent to Fox News employees

Fox News parent 21st Century Fox said in a statement that "after a thorough and careful review of allegations against him, the Company and Bill O'Reilly have agreed that Mr. O'Reilly will not return".

Earlier this month, O'Reilly was the subject of a New York Times report that detailed how he and Fox News paid about $13 million to settle complaints from five women who had worked for him or appeared on his show.

Southland attorney Lisa Bloom, who represents three women accusing ex-Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly of sexual harassment, said Wednesday O'Reilly's ouster is a victory for victims who were courageous enough to come forward.

Fox News on Wednesday severed its relationship with Bill O'Reilly, sacking its biggest star and America's most-watched cable news anchor over a flood of sexual harassment allegations and crashing advertising sales.

O'Reilly's exit, which was first reported by NY magazine, follows that of former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, who was forced to resign in July after being accused of sexual misconduct by a number of women, including former anchor Gretchen Carlson.

The Bill O'Reilly era at Fox News is over, but the controversy continues. "Half of the fun that they have with their audiences comes from watching the outrage that they manage to provoke".

O'Reilly on Wednesday blamed his ouster on "unfounded claims" hours after Fox News announced his departure. According to ad-tracking firm Kantar Media, it brought in $147.13 million in advertising revenue in 2016.

"The only reason I am telling this story is because Gretchen came out and took on Fox News", Powers said.

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah posted a video to Twitter parodying O'Reilly's infamous "We'll do it live!" outburst from years ago. "Suddenly sexual harassment's a crime?" Fox News had no choice but to fire O'Reilly. Carlson's own entry into Fox News' network took place after another major shakeup.

His attorney said on Tuesday US time the host was the target of a "smear campaign" funded by far-left advocacy groups.

Powers said that after the incident she went to O'Reilly's executive producer and said, "He needs to apologize and he needs to never do that again, or I am not doing his show anymore".

Jane Hall, a journalism professor at American University in Washington and former Fox News contributor, called it a "significant moment" in dealing with allegations of sexual harassment, both at Fox News and in general.

O'Reilly is also one of the country's most popular nonfiction authors. "A lot of women just don't talk about these things because if you make too much trouble, your career is over". Regarding this title, a Holt spokesperson told PW: "Our plans have not changed".

On Wednesday, he was seated in the VIP section, where a photographer from the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano snapped a photo of Francis reaching out to shake his hand.



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