Hundreds of kids enjoy Easter Egg Hunt at Northwest Fresno church

Governor's egg hunt back on after fugitive captured

Around 45,000 eggs filled with candy were dropped from a helicopter to the delight of thousands of children in Canada on Saturday.

"I love it", said Mallard. The event at People's Church brought families like the Maynards out, and mom Breanne says ideal weather helped create a great atmosphere for her two kids. "I am very experienced with Easter Egg hunts", says Dylan Fletcher, a 6 year old partaking in the hunt. With 500 bags of candy prepared to give out after children return the eggs, 15 bags remained when the candy rush was over.

"I like to watch my kids have a good time", she said.

Jonathan and Noah Gonzales said they had fun participating in the egg hunt. "This is my sixth one".

The hunt was divided into age groups to make it fair and each age group had a special egg with a gold coin inside that could be exchanged for a prized Easter basket.

Santiago Ortiz, 2, was having too much fun as his mom, Becky Ovalle, of Odessa, could attest.

"They should be able to hunt eggs, see the Easter bunny do all of these things and celebrate like the other children get to do instead of just watching", Coleen Heaton, co-founder of No Limitations Athletics, said. "Do you believe I was once your age?" she asked the children, who responded with incredulous smiles, a shake of their heads, or "Noooo!"

"We're breaking down another barrier and a more inclusive community", Heaton said.

This was the first year the hunt was held on Saturday rather than Sunday, and the first time it was held in conjunction with the church's spring carnival, which featured bounce houses and games. A relative saw the event was occurring and told them about it, sparking their interest in attending the Animal Egg Hunt. "The whole family is out there". "And the opportunity for Gunner (Carlson's son) to interact with the Easter Bunny".



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