Halo 3 Supposedly To Be Heading To PC According To AMD Event

Halo 3 Coming to PC, According to AMD Leak

Be sure to stay tuned to Halo Waypoint and Xbox Wire for more details.

A lot of Halo fans say that Halo 3 is the best Halo game. The artwork for the game features Master Chief. For that reason, fans were surprised to see its artwork included in the list of games powered by the CPU.

The Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of the game support the Xbox Play Anywhere service, so if you buy one version of the game, you get the other for free.

The news comes via a tweet from the official Halo Twitter account.

Regardless of how Halo 3 will be making its way to PC, with Microsoft's recent push for PC gaming, it seems like an inevitability that the whole franchise will come to the platform at some point. After all, Halo 3's 10 year anniversary is this year, and it could be a good way to fill the gap between Halo 5 and 6. Not that it likely matters too much, since I imagine most (not all, but most) potential players would rather opt for the Steam version anyway. Regardless of this, fans are still hoping that the leaked artwork in the AMD event and the timing is too flawless for it to be just an accident. Network play is also limited across versions; Microsoft platforms can play together, but Steam owners will have their own separate playerbase. But it is important to note that the latter had numerous technical issues when it was released three years ago and still has problems today.



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