GTA Online goes old school with top-down Tiny Racers mode

GTA 5 Online update Tiny Racers new DLC Revealed and coming very soon

This new game mode, appropriately called Tiny Racers is a nod to the original GTA as well as classic retro racing titles such as Micro Machines and Super Cars. Of course, with GTA Online's Tiny Racers taking place in a more modern era, it should be expected that the graphics are much more advanced than those of GTA and GTA 2.

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GTA Online, the online mode of the popular Grand Theft Auto V, received plenty of new content in the past few months, and an additional play mode will be hitting the game very soon. Upgrades to your new business will also cost you half as much as they usually do, and profits will be 50% more than usual.

Back before Grand Theft Auto 3 dragged the camera down to a third-person view, GTA was a top-down view game that gave players a god's eye view of the chaos they were causing.

If Grand Theft Auto V update 1.40 is released alongside Tiny Racers on Tuesday, we'll let you know. Note that these bargains are only available through the end of today, so don't slack off and miss out!

Today only, you can grab Weed Farm business, introduced in the Bikers update, at a 50% markdown. The green tire smoke customization for vehicles is also 50 percent off today only.



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