Gov. Matt Bevin reacts to Sen. Bernie Sanders visit

Bernie Sanders gives his remarks to supporters during his national tour with Tom Perez at the James L. Knight Center

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File). FILE - In this November 17, 2016, file photo, Sen. The crowd roared with approval at the mention of Sanders' name and started chanting his name. "Maybe it's because you love a certain senator from Vermont", she suggested, prompting chants of "Bernie!" amid extended applause.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Tom Perez will kick off a multi-state tour in Maine on Monday, where they are expected to outline the progressive plan to strengthen the party, bolster grassroots activism, and resist President Donald Trump.

Sanders told a boisterous crowd Tuesday night in Louisville that Trump has reneged on his promises to working-class voters.

Their visit comes as Democrats are trying to rebound from a series of election losses in Kentucky.

"Our job is to make it clear that the Democratic party is on the side of working people, will take on the billionaire class and the drug and pharmaceutical companies, and might I add in Florida the fossil fuel industry as well", yelled Sanders.

Senator Bernie Sanders, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez and other Democratic Party leaders are bringing their "Come Together and Fight Back" tour to Salt Lake City Friday. Trump won 118 of Kentucky's 120 counties. "One trend we did see in 2016 was that concern about Trump's temperament and fitness to be president of the United States enabled the Democrat to peel off a lot of Republican-leaning voters in suburban districts", Fallontold Vox. But it is also true that he ran 20 points better than the - than the Democratic candidate for president did in Kansas.

Sanders has every right to take what is essentially a semi-hostile stance toward the Democratic Party, one that says that those Democrats who meet his test of economic ideology are worthy and those who don't should be dismissed with a wave of the hand.

"The strategy of courting wealthy older white suburbanites while taking voters of color and progressives for granted, and writing off all rural whites entirely, has failed - full stop". "It is always from the bottom on up". Sanders was wildly popular in Utah, drawing larger audiences at his rallies than even Republican candidates who stopped in Utah during the 2016 election season. He curses about Republicans from the podium; praises Sanders often; and has so far stuck considerably to the left of the political center. Sanders endorsed efforts to transform energy policies away from fossil fuels toward sustainable energy sources. We need to unite!

At another rally Tuesday night in Louisville, Ky., Sanders said: "We have got to stand together".

Sanders told reporters he did not come to Kentucky "to convince anybody", but said it was "absurd" that Kentucky's elected officials, including the Senate Majority Leader McConnell, would push so hard for a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

"If the Democratic Party is going to succeed - and I want to see it succeed - it's gonna have to open its door to independents", he continued. "It's an investment. If people are getting health care, it's an investment". The exception has been former Gov. Steve Beshear, who embraced the law and delivered the Democratic response to Trump's speech to a joint session of Congress earlier this year.

"Kentuckians have roundly rejected the ultra-liberal, anti-jobs platform of coastal elites like Sanders and Perez", Watson said in a statement.



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