Google Voice now filters out unwanted calls, thanks to update

Google Voice now filters out unwanted calls, thanks to update

Google tests its builds internally ahead of release in a process called dogfooding, which gives Googlers the ability to share feedback and find any bugs before a wider OTA rollout commences. While the Google did not announce the specific date, tech experts are anticipating that Google would release the Pixel 2 sometime around October 2017, which is exactly one year since the first-gen flagship smartphones were unveiled to the public, Android Headlines reported.

The Android Security Patch level clearly shows May 5, 2017, the actual date of the release. "You may use your device normally but do not discuss or comment on this update externally". In other words, someone at Google has messed up big time.

But, when these non-stable updates somehow reach to Google customers, there is a lot to complain about especially if the said update doesn't even bring any awesome, mind blowing, earth shattering features.

Google hasnt had the best luck this year when it comes to software updates.

As you might expect, according to Android Headlines, Google is expected to follow in the footsteps of Samsung with the release of their upcoming Pixel 2 by drastically decreasing the device's bezel size.

That's a reasonable assumption, considering that this particular build (N2G470) was only for internal testing purposes.

Except, instead of someone in Google's QA team receiving the internal test update, regular users ended up receiving the confidential OTA update.



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