Fresno Gunman Gave Police Blow-by-Blow of Shootings of 3 Men

Suspect Kori Ali Muhammad killed three white men on April 18, 2017 in Fresno, California.

In the next three minutes, police say Muhammad killed two more people and shot at several others, shooting 16 rounds of bullets on a stream of people who happened to be in the wrong place.

Kori Ali Muhammad randomly killed 3 men in Fresno, CA on Tuesday. "Sorry, chief", Dyer reported Muhammad as saying.

They walked the route where the three victims were killed Tuesday. Pointing to Muhammad's repeated references to "white devils" and "Yakub" - the villainous figure responsible for creating white people, according to Nation of Islam lore - Levin said it is likely Muhammad thought he was taking part in a race war against whites.

Known to his family as "Marky", Mark Gassett had been looking for work Tuesday morning before he headed to Catholic Charities to get groceries, his stepfather, Harold Wagner, said. Greer said Jackson tripped over a curb in the parking lot of Catholic Charities when two more shots were fired. Sixteen rounds were fired in four locations, Dyer said.

A security guard was shot and killed five days earlier by Muhammad, police say.

The Fresno Bee ( ) reports that an affidavit shows 53-year-old Lisa Renee Martin was arrested after the April 13 killing of security guard Carl Williams.

Muhammad spoke to his mother Tuesday night after he was arrested, Dyer said.

Muhammad "is not a terrorist but he is a racist", Dyer said.

According to police, Muhammad referred to the.357 Magnum Revolver he used as a Black Python.

Muhammad faces a maximum of life in prison if convicted of the two charges filed against him on Thursday.

"I don't even know how his wife is going to broach the subject with the kids of daddy's never (coming) home", Light said. His body was draped in a blanket on the sidewalk leading to Stephen Hughes' home. Another was carrying a bag of groceries after stopping at a Catholic Charities center.

Muhammad appears to be an African American man. A flurry of posts emerged in the past day.

Francine Williams said Wednesday that she was in shock but also at peace because she got to tell her son how much she loved him and how proud he made her a few days before his death.

"Allahu akbar" roughly translates to "God is great" in Arabic and is a common positive refrain uttered by Muslims in prayer or in celebration.

His criminal history includes gun, drug and theft arrests. He has also been accused of making terrorist threats and been associated with gangs, but he was not a confirmed member, police said.

In 2005, Muhammad was indicted by a grand jury on cocaine and firearm possession, but was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial. "At the same time, he said he was not a coward".

He claimed insanity, and his attorney requested a psychiatric examination for his client, saying Muhammad "appeared eccentric with some weird beliefs". The district attorney has not yet submitted its case on this week's shooting spree.

Public records list Muhammad as Cory Taylor and other aliases with addresses in Fresno and Sacramento.

Muhammad took investigators to the shooting scenes and gave accounts "very consistent" with evidence authorities had gathered, Dyer said. She hung up the phone before giving her name. Muhammad had gone there to meet a woman, and he argued with security who asked him to leave.

"He would do the same thing for me", he told CNN's Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday, just one day after his friend's death.

He described his brother as a amusing and intelligent man.



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