Four Ways Jared Kushner Can Modernize Government

Saturday Night Live proved to be full of surprises on Easter weekend, casting Jimmy Fallon as Jared Kushner and heralding the return of Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer - dressed as the Easter bunny - continuing its ongoing parody of the Donald Trump administration.

The show opened with Trump in the Oval Office alongside Mike Pence, (portrayed by Beck Bennett).

"Jared, I have sent you all around the world to represent me but no one's ever heard you speak". The president lauds Fallon's Kushner, calling him his "little Kushball", for being so flawless at showing how if you're born wealthy and marry into the Trump family, one can really accomplish things in life.

The Journal reported that, despite the talks and other similar negotiations for other business interests, critics of the Trump administration feel that neither Kushner nor the President have done enough to de-link themselves from their private business affairs. "Now, just...fix everything". Kushner, who still refrains from speaking a word, then takes a seat at the Resolute Desk.

During the 2016 presidential race, Fallon infamously tousled Trump's hair during an appearance by the then-candidate on Fallon's show. "I take Kim Jong-un very seriously...but he's got a stupid little haircut" said Trump. "If you need me, I'll be over here at my desk".

As ominous music again started playing in the background, Baldwin said, "Moment of truth".

Jimmy Fallon replicated Kushner's now-infamous outfit - that one he wore while visiting ground troops in Iraq - and enters the room to EMF's "Unbelievable", while Bannon appears as a silent hell skeleton. "But don't worry, your journey doesn't end tonight - because you'll get to come back and decide if I go to prison".

Alec Baldwin returned as President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.

Trump reveals he's holding a picture of Kushner, and Bannon congratulates Kushner before being dragged away by another reaper. The loser would be forced to live in the White House basement with Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway. "You've shown everybody that if you're born rich and marry my daughter, you can do anything you want".



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