'Facebook Killer' found dead after police chase

Maggie Green talked to reporters Tuesday after her son, Steve Stephens, killed himself in Erie, Pennsylvania following a brief police chase.

Stephens posted a video of the killing to Facebook, where it remained for more than two hours before the social network removed it.

The break in the case came when police received a tip that Stephens' vehicle was in the McDonald's parking lot in Erie, in the northwestern corner of the state, about 100 miles east of Cleveland, authorities said.

On Tuesday, in an interview with a local OH news station, Lane spoke about how her life has changed since Stephens recorded himself killing Godwin in Cleveland on Easter Sunday.

"She's the reason why this is about to happen to you", Stephens said on the video. "I guess he wanted to be caught".

She said that it was her slain father who taught her, through the example of his life, how to forgive.

Stephens filmed and then posted the video of the attack to Facebook, but was found dead in his auto on Tuesday.

Joy Lane, Stephens' former girlfriend, told CNN affiliate WJW she was devastated the victim said her name before he was shot. "I didn't know it was serious, and he just ended his own life", Green said. "And that's been hard", Lane said.

Maggie Green said of Lane: "It's not her fault".

Ricardo Green said his brother hated Cleveland and wanted to be taken seriously.

"But he just took his nuggets and said, 'I have to go, ' and he drove off", Sayers told press, while adding that Stephens did not speed away, but rather drove off normally, without the fries.

Green said he gave his brother money for gas and food when the latter went bust gambling in February.

The order came through the McDonald's drive-thru window in Harborcreek Township, Pennsylvania: Chicken McNuggets and a side of fries.

"All I can say is that I wish he had gone down in a hail of 100 bullets", Haymon said.



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