Ex-Obama speechwriter mocks Trump, Palin photo

Sarah Palin Kid Rock Ted Nugent Visit Trump Troll Hillary								by Charlie Spiering20 Apr 20170		20 Apr 2017		20 Apr 2017

Another photo, published online by Ms Palin, appeared to ridicule Hillary Clinton, with trio of guests posing in front of the failed presidential candidate's portrait.

MI rock musicians Ted Nugent and Kid Rock were two of those guests for dinner with Trump on Wednesday evening - and the photo evidence made its way across Twitter late Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

"A great night at the White House!".

Favreau's words parody those of a pair of CNN commentators, who have drawn scorn for their declarations that Trump "became president" with one action or another.

Sarah Palin had some fun with it on Twitter too...

Pro-Trump musicians Kid Rock and Ted Nugent also visited Trump at the White House.

After eight long years of hearing about committed leftists like Bruce Springsteen and Snoop Dog visiting the Obama White House, conservatives now get their turn.

"Kid Rock, Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent walk into the Oval Office". "Got that? Glowing all American over the top", Nugent posted on Facebook.

Other than WhackMasters, there's no word yet on what Rock, Nugent and company discussed with the president.

For their meeting with the President, Nugent wore his customary cowboy hat while Kid Rock donned a fedora of sorts - M'president.