Entire US Senate to go to White House for North Korea briefing

Rupert Murdoch Consoled Sean Spicer After Hitler Comment Outrage

The entire U.S. Senate will visit the White House on Wednesday to receive a classified briefing on North Korea - a rare move that signals the Trump administration's growing focus on the potential threat from socialist nation.

Fox News chief Rupert Murdoch's close ties with President Trump were put on display when White House press secretary Sean Spicer found himself in the hot seat earlier this month, a new Washington Post report reveals. China has expressed fears that President Donald Trump could decide unilaterally to launch an attack against North Korea to thwart Kim Jong-Un's nuclear ambition.

While lawmakers often receive classified briefings, these are usually conducted in secure rooms in the Capitol building and not at the White House.

On Monday, Trump also had lunch with ambassadors of countries on the U.N. Security Council.

North Korea on Sunday said it was ready to sink a USA aircraft carrier to show its military strength, Reuters reported, citing North Korea's state-run Rodung Sinmun. "We feel very confident that they understand the President's priorities and that we'll come to an agreement by the end of Friday", Spicer said. "In cases where USA citizens are reported to be detained in North Korea, we work with the Swedish Embassy, which serves as the United States' Protecting Power in North Korea".

'I think that just by detaining a prisoner is one more way he's trying to show his strength, and it's not going to work'.

Doubling down on his formal apology following that epic gaffe, Spicer told Politico that same afternoon that his comments about the Holocaust were a "straight up mistake" - but said he won't be resigning.

"I'm sure there are things you learn in the job, but I think he's very proud of what he has set out to do and the progress that we have made", Spicer said.

Haley said on ABC, however, that the USA isn't interested in a Chinese proposal that would call for an end to joint U.S. She warned that while the USA was not seeking a confrontation with Kim Jong-Un's regime, it would be forced to strike if he "gives us reason to do something".



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