Disney Shows Off Star Wars Land and Good God It's Awesome

Star Wars Rogue One is full of references to other episodes of the saga.

During the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Disney shared more details on the upcoming Star Wars-themed areas at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. "Not a recreation of an experience that you might have seen onscreen, but something totally brand new".

Disney has said the Star Wars lands will be the largest single-themed land expansions at its Florida and California resorts. "It's a new place".

So what exactly does "being in the story" means? Then, if you go into a restaurant or bar, a character may ask you to perform a task depending on those decisions, or a bounty hunter could get on your trail. They talk up the sheer levels of immersion planned for the worlds, which aim to take you deep into an unexplored corner of the Star Wars universe, albeit one that exists firmly within the canon.

For example, one attraction will have players decide whether to ride with the First Order or with the Resistance, a choice that will lead to certain consequences while in Star Wars Land.

More information on Star Wars theme parks will be revealed at the D23 Expo in July.

During the panel, Trowbridge revealed that the theme parks will be a new location being introduced into the Star Wars cannon for the first time.

Walt Disney Imagineers execs Wendy Anderson, Scott Trowbridge, Asa Kalama and Chris Beatty lead the panel, along with Star Wars designer Doug Chiang and Lucasfilm creative exec Pablo Hidalgo.

The main setting is a locale on a planet somewhere on the Outer Rim - lying on the edge of the Unknown Regions. We're creating a place that is an extension of the Star Wars universe.

I've often said the appeal of Star Wars for me, personally, is that Star Wars is a destination. From the sound of it, most people involved grew up on the original films and want to recreate what they would've loved to see as a kid. This patent, which was filed by Disney last summer, describes a method for using a reflective light saber to bounce "laser bolts" back at a flying drone or animatronic enemy.



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