Colorado Starbucks barista has meltdown over Unicorn Frappuccino


"It's a new drink called the Unicorn Frappuccino".

Though derided by critics as "magical diabetes juice", the popular and brightly multicolored frappuccino ran out in Northwest Indiana nearly as soon as it was introduced on Wednesday; for instance, it was gone from the Hammond Starbucks on Indianapolis Boulevard by Wednesday night. "I have no idea how many unicorns they're grinding up for these things, but I'm guessing PETA is furious".

Starbucks launched its Unicorn Frappuccino Wednesday, and most Northwest Indiana locations sold out almost right away. By swirling the drink, yu can "reveal a color-changing spectacle of purple and pink". Mango, pink, blue, and obviously, topping.

Then, Colbert did a live taste-test of the drink he saw as "a color I can only describe as tumor".

Upon taking that first sip, Colbert could only reply, "I wish I was dead".

Here's Katy Perry's Review of Starbucks' New Unicorn Frappuccino

So what do local people think about the drink craze?

Nutritionally, you're better off with the unicorn than with the same size of McDonald's vanilla shake (600 calories, 72 grams of sugar). Does fat make you feel good?

A barista from Florida, Tina Lee, wrote: "As a barista, just know that every time you ask me to make this, a part of me dies #unicornfrappuccino".

The drink has also caused baristas to freak out, too. Meanwhile, others are disgusted by the sheer ingredients of the drink.

"It sounds ... sweet", Carla Hall of "The Chew" said to the magazine.



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