'Charging Bull' Is Mad At 'Fearless Girl' Statue For Violating Rights

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In a statement to NBC, State Street said that they were "grateful to the City of NY and people around the world who have responded so enthusiastically to what the Fearless Girl represents - the power and potential of having more women in leadership".

The work was embraced by tourists and others as a symbol of female empowerment, though some critics questioned the motives of State Street, which said the statue was intended "to celebrate the power of women in leadership and to urge greater gender diversity on corporate boards".

The statue at the heart of the dispute went up last month in celebration of International Women's Day, and though MarketWatch notes its temporary permit originally lasted only until April 2, the city renewed that permit through 2018.

Di Modica, 76, told reporters Wednesday that the girl changes the positive message of the bull sculpture, which is "a better America and a better world".

"Men who don't like women taking up space are exactly why we need the Fearless Girl", he tweeted yesterday.

Di Modica himself plopped his 3 1/2-ton bovine beneath a Christmas tree in front of the New York Stock Exchange in December 1989 without a permit.

"According to a report published Thursday by The New York Times, Modica, whose sculpture was created after the stock market crash of the late 1980s, claimed that "[Fearless Girl is] there attacking the bull". He's also concerned about the artwork's permit; while it was only meant to stay up for a week, mayor Bill de Blasio okayed it to stay until early 2018.

However, "Charging Bull" was in a similar situation as "Fearless Girl". State Street Global Advisors, an index fund, commissioned Fearless Girl with the help of the advertising firm McCann New York; the fund also placed a plaque before the statue with "SHE" written in capital letters - its ticker tape symbol.

"We're not saying that it should be moved out of the city". Now the message is "I'm here, what are you going to do", he added.

Critics noted that only five members of State Street's 28-person leadership team are women. Charging Bull's creator, sculptor Arturo Di Modica, and his attorneys announced at the news conference that he's challenging city officials who issued a permit for "Fearless Girl", a bronze statue that faces the bull sculpture on the same cobble stone island in the street, and has drawn worldwide attention.

"Rather, it has been transformed into a negative force and a threat", said Di Modica's attorney, Norman Siegel, in a press conference. Siegel, a longtime civil liberties lawyer, carefully emphasized that they, too, support the fight for gender equality and that they do not want the Fearless Girl banned entirely.



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